Solutions for Hospitals
Research Centers and Medical associations

Patients management solution coupled with diagnosis devices and research tools

MyHippocrates offers a new generation of tools to help hospitals and care centers treat their patients every day.


MyHippocrates cloud-based and mobile solution for hospitals

MyHippocrates offers a standalone solution for patient management. Features can be adapted for departments and specialities. As it is cloud-based, and show the importance of hospitals and the system also allows access from any point in the hospital through mobile devices.


Integration with legacy hospital systems

Thanks to its connectors layer, MyHippocrates features can be integrated into existing hospitals Patient Management Systems, offering its full mobile functionalities to older systems.


Connection with devices

MyHippocrates acts as a platform through which complex medical tests (such as geriatric examinations) can be achieved. MyHippocrates acts as a recipiendary for external devices data as well as centralized interface for patients tests and follow-ups.


Follow-up of your patients

Thanks to its patient’ apps, MyHippocrates allows forĀ better follow-up of patients suffering from chronical diseases or in convalescence. Patient’s apps can be customised to your specific needs.


MyHippocrates for research

With authorization from your patients, MyHippocrates allows for easier, better surveys and research work. Patient’s apps help monitoring of patients once outside the hospital.