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We are experts in development of smart and easy to use software for healthcare. We deliver fast, flexible and reliable access to your data applications and information regardless of platform(s), device(s) or data formats depending on countries and languages.

Our IT architects and developers solve your interoperability challenges and automate your healthcare workflows.

Our solutions are made for all the different actors of the healthcare sector: hospitals, physicians, medical houses, medical devices makers and more. We have experience in cloud software, data base management, saas, system security, data storage, Mobile technology and Open Source technology.

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Based in Luxembourg, we provide tailored for your needs healthcare technology solutions.


MyHippocrates support

We assist all our clients for the solutions displayed on this website to be best implemented and support your personal needs.

Our technical team supports installation and customization processes and our customer service is glad to answer to all your questions, providing any help Importance of Hospitals. Please contact us at:

     Email: [email protected]

     Phone: +352 26 20 13 56