EMR for Medical Practice

Cloud-based Practice Management Software


MyHippocrates EMR is a next-generation Practice Management Software.

It includes practice management, medical health record, billing system, patients involvement, and much more, all in one! As it is cloud-based, it does not require any installation on your computer.

MyHippocrates is multi-user and can be used in medical offices or medical houses with customizable profiles for physicians, secretary, administrator, etc.

MyHippocrates is currently being tested by beta users. We are looking for more! Join us at our living lab and help us create the Practice Management System that you really want! More info on this page.

MyHippocrates functionalities

MyHippocrates EMR helps you reduce the workload and gives useful tools for simplifying the practice of medicine – resulting in more efficient working conditions. Basic and avanced features include:
Basic Features
  • Management of administrative patient data
  • Medical history of patient, with attached documents
  • Standard letter generation based on customizable templates
  • Prescription module allowing:
    • Custom prescription templates
    • Free text or assisted capture
    • Prescription history
  • Follow-up of medical treatment
  • Multiple agendas
  • Multiple waiting rooms
  • Alerts and warnings for important patient data
  • Billing module with a complete invoice workflow
  • Customizable invoice templates for often used rate combinations
  • Integration of medical images (DICOM)
    • Visualisation of medical images
    • Integration of significant images into medical record

Advanced Features in development

  • Share important data with other doctors (specialists, hospitals) for better healthcare continuity. Receive feedbacks after any consultation with other specialists.
  • Integration with labs for request of examinations and test results
  • With having access to the whole patient’s data in one place, be more accurate in diagnosis and treatment
  • Speech to text and sketching tools to spend less time on paper works and focus more on interaction with the patient.
  • Drugs incompatibility checks
  • Assisted diagnosis based on patient’s medical data
  • Ask the patient to fill administrative data before coming to the office or in the waiting room to save time.
  • Send automatic reminders for the patients before the appointment
  • With MyHippocrates billing system, view billing reports and analytics as if you had a professional accountant.

Want to try it?

MyHippocrates EMR is currently being tested by its first users. If you’d like to try it, please contact us at the following  address:

     Email: [email protected]
     Phone: +352 661 118 417

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