The MyHippocrates Project

The MyHippocrates Project

Today, patients’ data are locked in healtcare providers systems (at doctors’ practices, in hospitals, in labs, etc.), making them unusable for better patients’ treatment.

MyHippocrates is a cloud-based platform that will allow easy and secured sharing of data between patients and health professionals, better use of health data to improve patients’ medical treatment, and connection with third-parties health devices such as monitoring tools or diagnosis instruments.

MyHippocrates includes a full EMR for individual practices and connectors to allow for swift implementation at hospitals with legacy systems.

– Cloud-based EMR for individual practices

MyHippocrates EMR is a state-of-the-art solution for medical practices. We will offer to doctors: advanced features, either based on the platform functionalities (easy transfer of data with other doctors, labs, and patients themselves), or based on new-generation technologies (speach-to-text, mobile interface, etc).

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– Mobile EMR solutions for hospitals

Hospitals often lack large dedicated IT teams to implement and maintain in-house EMR systems. Furthermore, main solutions on the market lack features that allow for efficient patients follow-up, such as two-way communication for patients. Thanks to its connectors, MyHippocrates can be integrated with existing hospitals solutions to move quickly and efficiently to a fully mobile EMR with functionalities dedicated to specialty departments.

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– MyHippocrates for patients

Patients are the real owner and main stakeholders in medical data. Through MyHippocrates, patients will be able to easily consult their past medical history, using dedicated intuitive interfaces, and also share their medical records with their doctors. Furthermore, they will be able to add their own data recorded through monitoring devices (such as used in case of chronic diseases), and also share them with their doctors.

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MyHippocrates is an initiative by TheMarketsTrust, an innovative start-up based in Luxembourg. Dedicated to open-source, cloud computing and big data solutions, we are working in close collaboration with Research Centre, doctors and public administrations to develop a new generation of tools for healthcare management.




Furthermore, MyHippocrates has received support from LuxInnovation, Luxembourg agency for innovation, and from BNP-Paribas through its start-up incubator LuxFutureLab.

MyHippocrates is supported by the European Union through the FICHe acceleration program dedicated to e-health innovation.


MyHippocrates team is based in Luxembourg.


If you need our service or support, or if you’d like to beta-test our solutions, please contact us.


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